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Best Virtual Office in Singapore

Looking for the best virtual office in Singapore? Strategic locations in Raffles Place and Serangoon with affordable rates.

What Is A Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a company that may not have a fixed location, but it operates as an official address to supply services to customers. Companies using a virtual office are usually more reliant on the internet to carry out business activities, and seldom hold physical meetings.

Having a virtual working space in Singapore is something that any businessperson should consider because it offers a solution to any firm that is intent on holding its costs at a minimum, while still being able to access all the resources that a corporate image should have.

Why get this Best Virtual Office in Singapore?

With a virtual office in Singapore, everything you want to be done for the business can be accomplished. The convenience of a virtual office is that you, the entrepreneur, can operate the business from any location. Singapore, being among the most developed and established economies in Asia, is a natural hub for investors looking to set up new businesses.

A virtual service package can equip your business to ensure smooth customer service and timely filing with the relevant authorities. Here are just some of the services we offer at Virtual Office SG:

  • Corporate voice mail boxes
  • A corporate mailing address
  • A dedicated business phone number
  • A professional live receptionist that answers phone calls in the name of your business; and
  • A call forwarding to numerous phone numbers

For startup companies, this proves to be the most cost-effective way to set up your business in Singapore. Virtual office services are available from an affordable price of just $5 per month, which is a small investment in exchange for building your corporate image along with other important resources at your disposal.

Virtual office Singapore will give your business the professional picture which is vital in taking the lead in against competition. In addition to the competitive edge, the office also gives you the convenience of meeting the various demands from your lenders, creditors, and suppliers.

With such an office, an entrepreneur barely worries about tasks like general maintenance, and office clean up services. This gives the business a chance to save money and shifts the focus to growing the business. Moreover, costs such as those of liability insurance do not exist, not unless the business has a physical space.

With virtual work, the major part of the working hours is dedicated to accomplishing business tasks and other responsibilities. This is because the time used in traveling does not exist if one is working virtually. Furthermore, the offices offer the luxury of working independently without sticking to certain office regulations such as the dress code, and working from 9 am to 5 pm.

Virtual work even offers the workers favorable working conditions because it helps them avoid the unwanted interruptions from their colleagues, as well as from top management thereby increasing an employee’s overall work productivity. We can assure that virtual work will keep the employees committed, and also boost their morale.

In seeking out our services, business owners or startups that wish to utilize virtual work should ensure that the information we are supplied with is similar to the one contained in the corporate documents. This criterion covers even the description of the services or goods that a business is supplying or selling.

We can help you in setting up your Singapore company and handling the necessary paperwork with ACRA for your company registration. We also offer AGM and IRAS annual return services (“corporate secretarial and accounting services”). Another important service we provide is a receptionist who can handle inbound and outbound sales and general inquiries pertinent to the business.

The positions in a business that require minimal personal interactions are the best fit for such a venture. Virtual work mostly entails self-discipline and a lot of commitment to achieve success. A lot of focus is also required considering the minimum interaction with management and no supervision. An individual’s overall performance is based on the level of production.

At our virtual offices, we are focused towards supporting your business to achieve its objectives by providing you with the necessary services and facilities for the business to run its virtual work efficiently.

If you need to start a company in Singapore or if you’re searching for corporate secretarial services, why not contact us today to see if our service is suitable for you!

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