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The Virtual office Singapore price is just like the normal office payments which are paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or even annually. The price of virtual really varies with the company, the location of the office (address) and the services offered.

Before renting out a virtual office, I would advise to compare the virtual office Singapore price list of various companies and decide on the one best on that suite your needs.

In addition, here are some key things to watch in a virtual office Singapore price list of virtual office providers.

  1. a) Avoid paying out for features that you don’t use.

Cutting on cost is one of the main reasons you start a virtual office in Singapore, therefore, you should avoid paying out for packages you will not use. For example, a multilingual live receptionist. So avoid the unnecessary cost by using only the services that your business really needs.

  1. b) Insist on packages that perfectly suits your business.

This means if your business will need a lot of hours during conference meetings pay for these packages to avoid inconveniences which may lead to loss of clients and time. So choose a package which offers enough meeting time.

  1. c) Choose Global Companies.

If you intend to have different virtual offices not only in Singapore but also in various parts of the world, use a virtual office provider that is global not just a local company.

This will definitely cut on cost if you have various virtual offices in various parts of the world. The package for a global virtual company provider will be much lower. Make sure you check the companies’ location and business address.

To cut the chase, here are some of the Virtual offices Singapore price lists and services offered.

  1. Virtual office address

The virtual office Singapore price varies according to the location of the virtual office. There are two areas you will find a virtual office for your office.

  • Serangoon

This virtual office will cost you $5 per month. When starting out a small business it is important to save on the overhead cost. This virtual office in Serangoon will work perfectly if you are on a budget.

  • Raffles place (City district)

This virtual office will cost $15 per month even with its prime location. But it is worth investing on as this will skyrocket your business and help you as a small business to grow tremendously.

  1. Inbound and outbound sales and general inquiries

An Inbound Sale is when the clients call and inquiries are handled by agents while outbound sale and inquiries are when clients are called to enquire about something.

The virtual office Singapore price on inbound and outbound sales and general inquiries will depend on the location of the virtual office.

At Serangoon, the price will be $700/4hrs/ 5days a week. While inbound and outbound sale and general inquiries at Raffles Place (city district) are $1200/8hrs/5days a week.

  1. Corporate secretary and accounting Services

The corporate secretary services include official picking of calls and directing them to you when you are not around. The corporate secretary in a virtual office is also responsible for picking your mails.

Every business has some accounting services going on and the virtual office Singapore price will include accounting services on the packages. This will help you save time and be more productive in handling other businesses.

Finally, it is important to pick out a virtual office Singapore price that you are comfortable. A price that makes business sense according to the business you are intending to do. Once you secure a good virtual office in Singapore make the best out of the opportunity.