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Why get a Virtual Office (Mailing Address) in Singapore?

Are you ready to start a business and your searching for a virtual office mailing address in Singapore? We can help you acquire one in prime locations in Singapore.

We have virtual office mailing addresses in Singapore which we strongly believe they can help revolutionize your business.

No virtual office is fully complete without a professional address where you receive your mail.

One of the addresses is at Singapore Robinson road located just in the city center. A very prestigious location to have your mail sent and receive clients who will take you seriously.

The second virtual office mailing address Singapore is at Serangoon outside CBD.

The virtual address at Singapore Robinson road will cost you $15 per month while the one at Serangoon is $5 a month.

How a Virtual office mailing address Singapore works.

  • You give your clients the mailing address to your professional virtual office.
  • Once a mail has arrived you check via email notification.
  • Take advantage of the time given for you to pick your mail.
  • Have an option of the mail forwarded to your home confidentially

A virtual office mailing address Singapore gives your business a professional look and we highly recommend this for small business owners or startups.

Top 4 Reasons for a Virtual Office Mailing Address Singapore

Check our top 4 reasons why you need a virtual office mailing address in Singapore.

1) Cheaper than having traditional office

Having a virtual office will cost you $15 per month or $5 per month depending on the location you choose to have your virtual office mailing address Singapore.

This is way much cheaper than renting out an office where you incur more cost when starting out.

2) Saves the time of setting up things and have them up and running.

If you have worked in an office before you know how stressful it can be to start setting up a system where you start receiving your mails and another office related work.

Keeping up a system up and running, maintaining and troubleshooting of the system is forever your responsibility. But here is the good news, with a virtual office mailing address Singapore you don’t have to worry about that. You pay someone else to take care of that.

The only thing you do is wait for your Mail notification and have the mails delivered to you automatically or pick up them up.

3) Virtual receptionist and Assistants.

As a business man or woman, you may find yourself tired up with a lot of schedules. Therefore depending on which package you choose while picking up virtual office mail address, you will have some virtual assistants.

These virtual assistants can work from anywhere. The only thing that they need is a good internet connection.

Virtual receptionists also play a key role in receiving and forwarding calls to you when you are not around.

Let’s face it – nothing depicts you a “real” company than a professional calling service which is offered by virtual receptionists.

As a company, you choose a corporate phone number, add your departments and employees and have your inbound and outbound sale general inquiries handled in a professionally.

4) Professional meeting place

It’s hard for prospective clients to take your business seriously if your address is you clearly tour personal residence. Businesses work very hard to display a professional image to the world.

A well-serviced meeting room with your clients speaks a lot about you and your business as well.

The key take here is, have a virtual office mail address Singapore and build trust to potential clients who will end up paying more just because of the professional image of your business.