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Serviced Office Singapore, Outside CBD

When starting out a business it’s important to take into considerations your preference and where you will be comfortable running the business. Reason being it will directly affect your productivity.
If you are looking for a well-serviced office Singapore outside CBD then you are in the right place. We have an office at Serangoon which is fully serviced and perfectly suited for all your business needs.
This serviced office Singapore outside CBD was built with you in mind to help you grow your business.
Whether you are just a start-up or a growing small business owner this serviced office in Singapore is budget friendly.

Serviced Office Singapore Outside CBD – Price

With as little as $5 a month, you can have the virtual office address located at Serangoon.
There are services offered at this serviced office in Singapore outside CBD.

Here are some of them:
1) Mail Forwarding Services
Incoming mails from clients are received on your behalf when you are not at the office. Also if you need emails forwarded to clients this is a service you can have forwarded to them without you necessarily being there.
This feature also gives you a corporate business address where your mails are forwarded giving prospective clients confidence in what you do.
Finally, when mails are handled by receptionist instead of you, it will be a huge time saver for you while you handle other businesses.

2) Handling Phone inquiries
Receptionists are there to help inform and answer questions from clients regarding your business. They can also direct calls to you if need be.
With $700 per year, you can have all your phone inquiries handled professionally.

3) Registering Mail Addresses
Personalized mail addresses show your customers that you mean business and you are professional No customer will take you seriously if you still use a private mail address in your business.
A mail address helps keep business issues separate from other things.

Why you need a Serviced Office in Singapore outside CBD

There are a lot of reasons why you need an office outside the CBD, but we will show you the most important reasons. Every decision you make when starting out your business should be well thought of before full implementation.
We like to call them decisions that make business sense. Read some of our top reasons we believe you should have a serviced office in Singapore outside CBD!

a) Little competition
You see, businesses with offices in the CBD have a lot of competition. You will find a bunch of other offices doing the exact same business you are doing.
Competition is good because it shows that the market for that kind of business is profitable. But it’s even much better when you have a profitable business with little competition.
b) Time Management
Look, having an already serviced office in Singapore outside CBD saves you the time and energy of starting from scratch. This serviced office has already installed furniture and has professional look giving your business an good image it deserves.
c) Reduce Service Cost
Since the office is already serviced the only worry you will need is paying for the address and other services that your business requires.
Always pay for services that your business really utilizes so that you will not end up paying for services you don’t use.
d) Avoids Hassles
An office outside CBD is hassle free. Your clients and also you will avoid the daily hassles such as being stuck in traffic while attending a meeting or any other related business scheduled.
A well-serviced office Singapore outside CBD will save you the hassles which can really have a big impact on your business especially if you are a startup.